Sunday, 19 June 2011

CweeT dreaMZz..

its gonna be another day wif da sunshine
da sunshine shines trough da window
da eyes getting woke slowly..
i see u greet me wif u smile..
kissing on da cheeks..
accompany me wif ur LOVE..
drinking moning coffee wif messy hair
who con tell me that this is not a dream..?
when we can get together i feel paradise!
this is a paradise of happyness..
music that full of love
and now i'm protected by u..
my name is never gona get atraction
bcoz of u way of calling..
i start to LOVE my name..
it is u..
that turn me into a STAR..
so..plz be always beside me..
i will say "I LOVE U" to u
just like cindrella and da prince
they live HAPPILY ever after..
is ur HEART that makes me believe in LOVE
this is the happyness that everyone want..
so plz dont make me up..
dont break it!
let the LOVE comes true..

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